Sonic and the Black Knight Cheats For Wii

Sonic and the Black Knight Cheats For Wii

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Sonic and the Black Knight – Deep Woods – Shadow [Full HD 1080p]

Full HD 1080p gameplay vid from Sonic and the Black Knight! As you can see, I played as Shadow (Lancelot) in Deep Woods, Reach the Goal mission. I used Action Replay Codes to play as Shadow in this level, as it is impossible to do so without cheat codes.

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Here’s the Gecko Code that lets you play as other characters in different levels.

Override Selected character [agrs700]

4a000000 91000000
14265F24 0000000x
E0000000 80008180

00 – Sonic
01 – Shadow
02 – Knunckles
03 – Blaze
Just replace the “x” in the code with numbers of the characters (00 for Sonic, 01 for Shadow etc.)
Note: You must go to a “red” stage, press right on the nunchuck and then go back and choose the mission

Wii Longplay [082] Sonic and the Black Knight (EU)

Played by: Mariofan98

An simple Sonic game released on March 13, 2009 for Wii.

Longplay goes through the Any% of the Adventure.

The struggles at the last two boss were edited out, even the Longplay will goes 25 minutes longer!

Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii) | Full Playthrough 4K

A full playthrough of Sonic and the Black Knight for Wii recorded at a native 4K resolution. This is the entire game from start to finish.

You can view this channel’s playlist for full Sonic playthroughs here:

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