Westerado: Double Barreled Cheats For PC Xbox One

Westerado: Double Barreled Cheats For PC Xbox One

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Westerado Double Barreled Gameplay – Episode 3 – Horsing Around

Westerado Double Barreled Gameplay with Splattercat! In today’s series we’ll be playing Westerado Double Barreled, a western free-roaming shooter from Adult Swim! Westerado Double Barreled’s gameplay focuses on finding a killer, while simultaneously being the rootn’est tootn’est cowboy in the wild wild west!

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Longplay a Indie : Westerado – Double Barreled (2015)

Introducing yet another remake of a flash game … (if your asking what another … well you will see) … a game so nicely done with so many hidden quest and story missions …. yes the main random way just to have your REVENGE is only 3h long … but it could have been a 30h long … yeah … this game has 4 characters … that you have to unlock (your bother , Sister and a Indian)… but to get those you have to do specific things :
To get the sister you have to make the trains come back to town … to do that you clear the mine from Ghosts and Bandits and free the tracks …

The Indian , well it kinda breaks the game , you have to join the Indians and DO WAR … not peace like I did , then you get the Indian

Each character controls different , EACH ONE sees the world from a different point of view … its a Game Plus in a Game Plus In a Game PLUS … Inception style …

Also EACH THING YOU DO impacts on the world … EACH LITTLE THING !!! … kill the ranchers , the oil company will take those lands … you get a new missions from them … but what if you kill the oil guy … its the most well designed RPG with a SANDBOX feel that i have played in 2015 … a must for every one to play … GOTY in my book

Heavy Metal Gamer: Westerado – Double Barreled Review

Brand new review, and this time I review a brand new game that releases tomorrow, April 16th! I want to thank Adult Swim Games for giving me the chance to review this game developed by Ostrich Banditos. I hope you enjoy this review, and thanks for watching!

Westerado Trailer | Adult Swim Games | Adult Swim

Find Westerado on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/275200/

Double Barreled. When your family is murdered by a mysterious desperado, you set out into the world to take revenge. Take control of your own fate and that of others, all using your trusty shooting iron.

Brought to you by Ostrich Banditos and Adult Swim Games.