TimeSplitters 2 Cheats For PlayStation 2 GameCube Xbox

TimeSplitters 2 Cheats For PlayStation 2 GameCube Xbox

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This Satellite in Timesplitters Future Perfect has a secret!

We’ve now found a newly discovered secret detail in Timesplitters Future Perfect. This satellite in game appears to have been previously placed somewhere else in the game (at that’s what I theorize). There’s no telling why the satellite ends up here under these circumstances, however it seems that we’ll be looking further into this through a further analysis of small details in the level “Breaking and Entering”.
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TimeSplitters 2 GameCube Gameplay – Total carnage


Timesplitters: Future Perfect – Human Gun Sounds Cheat – Playstation 2

I have tried searching around for a good quality video that demonstrates this silly cheat. So I said screw it and set out to make my own. I hope you enjoy, nothing else here really, I just wanted a good video that works as a good showcase for what this cheat does. I do plan on doing the same thing for the other Timesplitters games too.

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Analysis: How GOOD Was TimeSplitters 2 Really?

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